Supplement to Increase Your Vertical Jump

What’s going on guys my name is Ahmad from and today I’m gonna share with you about Suplement to increase your vertical jump. There are definitely some supplements that are worth your while to check out. Beware though, when you start buying supplements, the costs can add up fast. When you start getting invited to the GNC worker’s birthday party, you’re probably buying too many supplements.

Suplement to Increase Your Vertical Jump
Here are the supplements that I recommend in order of importance:

#1. Creatine

Why is creatine number one? Because it works! Next to steroids, this is the best thing you can put into your body to increase muscle, other than a healthy diet, of course.

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#2. Protein

You may hear some chumps out there tell you, “Uh, you get enough protein in your diet. You don’t need a protein supplement.” I’m willing to bet that those guys are weak and don’t work out. A lot of “nutrition experts” don’t agree with the bodybuilding philosophy of adding protein to increase muscle.

At first, I thought to myself, “maybe those professors are right. They ARE professors, so they must be smart.” And then after a while I thought, who am I going to believe, people you use the techniques and are huge, or some skinny dude who writes about it in a book and has no personal experience with it?”

I’ve decided to listen to the meat heads.

#3. Multivitamin

People have been singing the praises of multi-vitamins for a long time. I wise man once said, “you can’t live on bread alone… Unless you take a multi-vitamin!”

Actually, I just made that up. But that’s the idea. Multivitamins provide you with the essentials that you miss out on in your diet. If you’re a guy, make sure you’re multi-vitamin doesn’t have iron. That’s because the only way to lose iron is by bleeding, and guys don’t menstruate.


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