Strength Exercises to Increase Power

What’s going on guys my name is Ahmad from and today I’m gonna share with you all about strength exercise to increase power. Instead of going through a bunch of exercises you probably already know, the aim here is to talk about a different way of doing weight lifting. Some people frown on this approach. Others, usually those who practice it, speak highly of it.

The idea is, instead of maximizing your strength by few reps and loads of weights, which is the usual/self-taught way of lifting weights today, you aim to push the boundary of your lactic acid first. Then, when you have gained enough momentum, you aim to maximize your strength.

This latter form, will make your body thirst for oxygen greatly at first. Your muscles will require it a lot more and you will feel tired or numb pretty quickly into a regular warm up. In particular your legs and thighs will be affected. However, this numbness disappears with time as your body becomes used to it and you’ll experience power you could only imagine.

Strenght Exercise to Increase Your Vertical Jump

In short, the outline of a program like this is: The first two months are for pushing your tolerance and the lactic acid initiation. Then you move to fewer sets gradually, like most strength programs, over the next few months of training.

The difference here being that, usually people who go to the gym, who follow a regular program, do the exercises with much resting in between and little intensity.

The very aim of a high intensity program is to push the initiation of your lactic acid. A program like this is not for the faint of heart. But if you pursue, you will be able to experience a shift in your understanding of what exactly your body is capable of.

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A few examples of exercises are:

#1. The Chin-Up

(If you have problems with your shoulders you should not do this exercise!) This is a basic exercise that most athletes can do at least ten reps of in a row. Like already mentioned, most trainers teach a strict approach to this exercise, where you go vertically up and down in a very slow and regulated manner. However, the aim is to do it the military way. Where you’re ”flying” up like as if you were attached to a very strong rubber band. You take a broad and firm grip that is about as wide as your shoulders, then the idea is to get into a sort of pendulum swing where you are not pulling yourself up laterally, but almost as an inverted bench press. Each rep you should get the chin bar right below your pic, pectoral muscles (chest muscles). Then release outward, pushing you more backward rather than just going down. This way you get into a steady pendulum motion. If you are a serious athlete, doing 4sets of 20 reps each is required. You want to have a high intensity going into these exercises, and it should be kept there throughout the entire exercise. Rest for a few minutes and then back up. You should explode up. You’re practicing to increase your power, strength divided by time, not to build beach muscles.

#2. Same Approach in Intensity as Before

Here there is a regular technique in the performing of the exercise, but do it without much rest in between the reps. You should be flying up each rep.

#3. Leg Extensions and Leg Curls

The idea here is to adopt the exact same method of intensity as before. Do at least 4 sets of 15 reps. Preferably more. Do them with very high intensity. Your legs should have a very strong ”burning” sensation after each set.

#4. The Squat

Done properly, this exercise combined with the abdominal exercises will have a tremendous effect on your body strength. The best way to learn what the proper techniques are for the squat is to watch movie clips, either on any online video service (there is plenty out there that will show you) or if you have a coach that can guide you. This exercise is the exception to the high intensity you are otherwise aiming for. For the obvious reason that it might be very dangerous and harmful if you slip since you’re dealing with so much weight.

Strenght Exercise to Increase Vertical Jump

These were just a few of the exercises that could get you moving to great results in terms of strength, quickness and power. There is a lot more, and if you are aiming to increase vertical jump ability to the max, then have a look at some of the jump programs featured on this site. They take you step by step, from scratch to success!



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