Want to Learn How to Increase Vertical Jump Ability By 10 Inches?

What’s going on guys my name is Ahmad from aworkoftheheart.wordpress.com. Today, jumping is as big part of the game of basketball as dribbling is! Having a vertical that is 5-10 inches better than your opponents is a huge advantage! As for any athlete, the aim today is to have a vertical above 40 inches. This goes for volleyball, high jump, and even the skill positions in football.

Jumping is essential!

how to increase your vertical jump

40 years ago, there was little to no science in sports! You didn’t have as many dedicated doctors, there were far fewer physicians and less coaches! Simply, there was less money in sports. Since, however, there has been a huge boom in the athletic market and more people than ever are more active than ever. This means more resources and knowledge. Better techniques and better results. Maximizing the athlete’s performance is today an industry, even on the scientific level. But unfortunately, many times the correct information doesn’t always reach the athletes.

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How to Increase Vertical Jump

With the recent development of more powerful nutrients and better diets, designed to enhance the athlete’s performance, almost all sports have become more physical. Having the right diet together with a good coach is no longer an advantage, it’s a necessity! However, athletic ability is usually taken to be something you are either born with or not. For instance, some are born with the ability to jump high, others are not. As this might be true, it doesn’t mean that there is nothing you can do about it! Because there is!

For the last 30 year, physicians and trainers have become more and more involved in exploring the potential of the human body. New programs, more documented knowledge and more experience have led to an overall increase in awareness. This is reflected in the results of todays athletes.

Certified trainer Jacob W. Hiller, have studied athletes, their training and performance for over 10 years. Developing the best jump-program available, called the Jumpmanual. It is a comprehensive, intense, day by day workout to increase vertical jump ability. With detailed instructions, videos showing you the exercises and access to the jumper forum for support and additional reading.

He is truly dedicated to perfecting the techniques and bringing out the most out of each athlete. And it is shown in his work…

If you are skeptical, which you might be, then watch Brandon, 5 ft 5 in tall, slam dunk a basketball after having followed the Jacobs program for a few weeks, on the Jumpmanual website:

Here on this website you will find a few good exercises you can start out with today! There is the dotdrill for quickness and endurance, plyometric exercises for explosiveness and jumping, specialized weight lifting exercises and more.



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