Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers vs Slow Twitch

What’s up guys, welcome back in You want to train your fast twitch muscle fibers and not your slow twitch fibers. If there is one thing that you should understand for training your vertical, it is that.

What’s the difference?

Fast twitch also called Type II and white in color) are used for explosive, fast, powerful movements. They provide a high energy output in a short amount of time. The downside is that they tire quickly. Jumping, sprinting, Olympic lifting, hitting a baseball…

Slow twitch fibers (also called Type I and red in color) are used for slow, endurance activities like jogging, rowing, or anything that you do over a long period of time. These fibers have a high endurance, but aren’t as explosive as the type II.

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Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers vs Slow Twitch
What do you have?

Everyone has a combination of both types of fibers. However, some people have more type II(sprinters), and some people have more slow twitch (long distance runners). This is due to your genetics and was determined before you were born.

The good news is you can increase the size of the muscle fibers, which will increase the power output capacity. You have a set number of muscle fibers to work with. By doing the exercises in this program, you don’t build more muscles, you just make the fast twitch muscles you have bigger.

This concept of training the fast twitch fibers is why I stress the importance of performing these exercises with maximum explosion. You do NOT want to train your slow twitch muscles. You want to concentrate on fast twitch because those are the muscles that get you off the ground.


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