Age and How to Increase Your Vertical Jump

What’s up guys, welcome and today I’m gonna share with you about How to increase your vertical jump according to your age.

Age and Jumping

I often get questions about age and jumping. They usually go something like this, “I’m ___ years old. Is this too young/old to increase my vertical?”

This page will answer your questions.

How to Increase Your Vertical Jump
18 years old and younger

If you are in this category, you’re probably still growing. A lot of young kids want to increase their vertical, and the best thing I can say to them is, “wait.” Growing to your maximum height and then waiting for your muscles to catch up with your bones is going to do more for your vertical than anything else.

If you are still growing, I would suggest to just play your sport, and don’t worry about training yet. Your body is just trying to keep up with your new height, so you don’t need to overload it with weights or plyometrics. Also, different bones grow at different rates, so it’s easy to start lifting with bad form and injure yourself.

Although you won’t have the muscle mass needed to maximize your vertical, you will have very elastic tendons. This elasticity is crucial to one-footed jumping. You’ll probably find that you’ll be a better one-footed jumper than two-footed. So don’t worry if you’re really skinny and your two-footed jump isn’t that great. It will naturally get better as your muscles catch up to your height.

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18 to 25 years old

If you’re in this group, you’re in the prime of your life. This is when you can’t use any excuses as to why you are failing. You’ve stopped growing up, so now you can concentrate on packing on some muscle. Your joints are still relatively fresh and your tendons are still elastic. You’re young enough to be able to recover quickly from injuries, as well. So take advantage of your prime and start training!

25 to 40 years old

In the Seinfeld episode “The Jimmy”, Kramer says, “They isolate the muscles. The muscle has to grow…. or die,” when he’s talking about Jimmy’s strength shoes. He’s right. If you don’t use your muscles, they will atrophy and eventually die.

If you get a scrape on your skin, your skin will grow back and heal. If you bleed, your body will make more blood. But if you lose muscle fibers, they’re gone forever. Muscles cannot reproduce themselves.

When you reach somewhere around the age of 25, you have to start fighting against the natural aging process. Muscles will lose about 10% of the cross-sectional area and around 5% will die by the time you reach 50 years old.

However, even though will lose some muscle, I think the biggest effect on your vertical will be the loss of elasticity. As you get older, your connective tissue won’t be as elastic, which means when you stretch them, they can’t hold as much energy as when you were younger. You might be able to have the same range of motion in a joint, but you won’t be stretching the tissues as much, if that makes any sense.

But don’t think it’s all bad news when you get into your 30’s. As long as you stay active and continue to use your muscles and avoid injury, the losses will be minimal, and you can still make gains. In fact, many Olympic high jumpers can jump competitively well into their 30’s. Stefan Holm won the Gold in the high jump at the World Indoor Track Championships in 2008 at age 31.

I think most people see the decline of performance in the NBA and NFL players in their upper 30’s and think that is how it works for the entire population. But remember that these athletes put a tremendous amount of punishment on their joints throughout one season. This ages them a heck of a lot faster than the typical weekend warrior. So if you’re under the age of 40, don’t use the excuse that you’re too old!

Obviously, people age at different rates, and you have to look at your past to determine what kind of shape you are in. But I’m guessing that most people around 40 years old have a higher jumping potential than they think.


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