2 Foot vs 1 Foot Jumping

What’s up guys, welcome aworkoftheheart.wordpress.com and today I’m gonna share with you about 2 foot vs 1 foot jumping. There are two different kinds of jumping: one foot and two feet. They both have their pros and cons, but I’ll try to prove to you that you want to be a two-footed jumper.

2 Foot vs 1 Foot Jumping

One Foot Jumping

This is how the high jump in track is performed. In fact, it’s illegal to jump off two feet in the high jump. One foot jumpers tend to be thin and light. This kind of jumping relies more on elastic energy than pure muscle power. There are a lot of different things happening at once during the one footed jump.

First, the jumper runs to build horizontal energy. Then the plant leg hits the ground, converting the horizontal energy to vertical energy. The plant leg muscles contract and the drive leg drive up converting it’s horizontal momentum upwards. Further momentum is brought into action with arm motion. All this happens at once to create as much upward force as possible.

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Two Foot Jumping

Two feet jumping relies more on the strength of the muscles throughout the hips and legs. Again forward momentum is used. The more forward momentum you can convert into vertical momentum, the higher you’ll jump. Obviously, that’s why a running vertical is higher than a standing vertical. As apposed to the one foot technique, when you jump off two feet, you plant both feet, so you’re able to come to more abrupt stop to convert as much forward energy to vertical energy.

This stop is why having good traction is so important to two feet jumping. If you’ve ever tried to jump off a dirty gym floor, or with shoes with poor traction, you know that it’s much harder to jump up as high.

Why Two Foot Jumping is Better

Other than on fast breaks in basketball and the jumping events in track, one footed jumping is rarely used. In basketball, you jump off two feet way more often than you do off one.

Lebron James is one of the few who consistently uses the one foot jump. However, no one else in the world has the freakish skills that he has. Two footed jumping is just better for the rest of us. You have more control when you jump off two feet. When you jump off one foot, you have to commit to it early, unlike jumping off two.

Another big part of two foot jumping is the ability to bring the arms into play more. Your arm swing can account for 10% of your height when you jump off two feet. Also, since your using two legs instead of one, you’ll have less of a chance of injuring your jumping leg, since the forces will be slightly less in your knees.

So take my advice and learn to jump off two feet. You’ll be happy you did.


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